The Game Collection

AKD Solutions specialise in developing game-based learning solutions, in the last 8 years over 50,000 people worldwide have benefited from taking part in our workshops brought to life by the use of serious games all built around our ethos that ‘people learn more when they are having fun’.

Our Learning Maps are essentially large board games that act as a tangible “talking pieces” in the training room sparking conversation, stimulating collaboration and creating an energising learning environment.

Our award winning Learning Maps are thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted, developed through tried and tested methods but always tailored to the needs and learning objectives of our clients. The eye-catching designs of our Learning Maps grab the attention of participants as soon as they walk into the training room, helping to break down any barriers that may prevent participants from fully engaging.

Our talented team is made up of expert training developers, facilitators and game designers who have worked with a range of international clients including C&A, Toyota Europe and Balfour Beauty.

Why Game-Based Learning Works

Game based learning utilises the same psychology that allows children to develop valuable life skills through play. Our Learning Maps are disarming and encourage engagement more quickly because they are different, colourful and intriguing.

Using games within training can help participants to learn while they’re having fun and typically they exhibit a range of the following behaviours: the use of strategic planning, analysing risk and reward, applying knowledge to achieve specific aims and objectives, employing creativity and innovation to outwit colleagues, and learning how to respond when under pressure. Furthermore, the use of real life scenarios helps participants to make the connection between what they are learning and their everyday work life. When learning is fun key messages stick, translating into improved skills and behaviours in the workplace.

Whilst digital and online learning has its place, the use of offline game based learning provides a great opportunity to stimulate conversation, foster collaboration and nurture a collective learning experience that is quite often not possible in a virtual environment. It allows organisations to provide a safe place for their people to try new things, make mistakes and get equipt to tackle challenges when back at work.

Tackling Difficult Subjects

Our Learning Map Collection covers a range of topics, many that focus on the more challenging areas of training; tackling subjects that are often perceived as boring, sensitive or difficult, where the board game format transforms the learning experience and makes it as encompassing as possible. You can view our current Learning Map Collection using our navigation menu on the left.

Tailored To You

We offer a wide range of customization options, you can purchase our learning maps as they are; add your organisation’s branding and some bespoke content or create a brand new Learning Map unique to your organisation. Made to Measure Learning Maps that are unique to your organisation are growing in popularity as they are a great tool for use in your organisation induction to embed your history and values or to use as a training tool to share information about a new product launch or value proposition. The possibilities are endless and our experienced team are perfectly placed to help you bring your vision to life.

Are You Ready To Roll The Dice?

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