The AKD Credo

AKD is an international brand, the perfect choice for organisations who want innovative, stimulating and fun learning experiences that result in positive and sustainable change.

We focus on being brilliant at what we do. We are not concerned about being the biggest or no.1 in the market. These are relative and will always shift.

Our aspiration is to be global, with clients around the world who are enthused about what we do for them. Our learning experiences stimulate something in participants that gives them the belief and roadmap to be better and do better.

Our aim is to build a diverse, global team, opening offices in different regions and collaborating with international partners to position ourselves where our customers need us.

These are our guiding principles which we live by to succeed:

  • Creativity and innovation are core to our DNA. We strive to “deliver the ultimate learning experience”. Push boundaries, be daring, but stay focused on the goal and executing.
  • We are diverse, allowing our creativity to be sparked by different viewpoints, but all pointing to the same goal.
  • We are trustworthy. Organisations trust us to help enhance their brand, we won’t let them down. We will say it and then “do it”, and if we don’t, hold us accountable.
  • It’s fun. We want you to love what you do. If you love it then our customers will love it, because love is infectious.
  • We evolve and grow, never losing our soul. We are forever entrepreneurial, honest, fun loving and great at what we do.
  • We are a very talented and privileged organisation. Core to our ethos is “make a lot to give a lot back”. We will live this through the Nehemiah Foundation. Our vision is to build schools for young entrepreneurs in Africa, and in doing so stimulate the brilliance of future generations to come.