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The masterclass is an evolutionary journey, exploring how organisations can develop more focused, meaningful and productive experiences for customers and organisations. 

The programme helps you to understand how to take complaints handling from ego-centric (us and them) to eco-centric (we).  Masterclass in Complaints handling provides you with a space to disrupt and allow new thinking, new behaviours and new systems and better outcomes to emerge.

Masterclass in Complaints Management provides participants:

  • A space in which they can develop a more systemic understanding of how complaints are managed in their organisation
  • Understand the evolution of complaints. The journey from ego to eco.
  • Tools and strategies for influencing positive changes, cultural and procedural
  • Models for complaints handling that are resolution focused, evidenced-based (even within existing frameworks)
  • An understanding of how to apply alternative dispute resolution to complaints handling.
  • Ideas and strategies for increased learning from complaints for organisational development
  • An opportunity to explore the potential future of complaints handling and how to prepare your organisation

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