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Equally Yours™ is a learning map that gives you a dynamic, challenging, thought-provoking and fun learning experience.

People learn more when they are having fun.  Colleagues work in teams to navigate a series of truly thought-provoking scenarios and questions.  What people love about Equally Yours™ is that it’s totally inclusive. It challenges everyone to look at themselves first and then at others. It allows participants to explore a range of diversity matters, in a way which is challenging but safe.  It validates you and stretches you at the same time.

Equally Yours is designed to provide you with real flexibility. This includes:

  • You can use it from 2 hours to a whole day depending on the audience, time, and “how deep” you want to explore.
  • Anyone from senior leaders to frontline colleagues can use it. We can differentiate content.
  • We customise content for your organisation, so that content is relevant to your colleagues. Our customisation supports organisations with a global remit while recognising the need for localised content.
  • It can be used in strategic planning, team building and classroom learning experiences

We have now launched Equally Yours Digital.  This provides you the same benefits of the physical version. In addition, it allows you to facilitate in a classroom or to groups in a remote location.  

The best way to experience Equally Yours and understand how it works and the benefits it will provide is to call us to book a demo.

You can book a free demo here

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