Poor in Materialism, Rich in Respect

Poor in Materialism, Rich in Respect

It’s rare to see a President hang his laundry out to dry or a politician drawing water from a well. But this is the life of Jose Majica, the former ‘pauper president’ of Uruguay who is renowned for his humble lifestyle. He has shunned away from living in the luxury houses given to him by the Government. His mode of transportation? A battered old Volkswagen which he was offered £1 million for by a Sheik (he is considering this offer but will only do so if he donates the money to charity).

Many empathise with this man as he lives his life as ‘one of the masses.’ You could argue that he embodies a servant leadership style; a leader who focuses on the well-being , growth and development of his people; a leader who puts his people’s needs before his own.

Can you imagine any UK politician donating 90% of their salary to charity? Compare Majica’s unpretentious style to MP Mark Simmonds, who recently claimed his £67,000 salary isn’t enough for a politician (Simmonds owns a 7 bedroom house with a heated swimming pool !).

Would you sacrifice your entitlement or ostentatious goods for the respect of your people? Is your leadership style like that of Majica? Or are you more like Mark Simmonds?  Look here to discover your true leadership style.