No Pain, Only Gain

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Conflict is inevitable in any organisation.  It often starts from fairly innocuous situations but can rapidly escalate to become a major issue in the workplace, disrupting individuals and teams.

Companies that know how to handle conflict anticipate issues before they arise and have strategies in place to tackle them early; nipping disruption in the bud or managing it quickly and effectively to reduce potential impact.

Getting it right 
Our interactive training tool – Transforming Conflict Resolution – helps organisations to be be conflict savvy, so they handle it in the right way.

This tool provides a creative, positive way for delegates to reflect on personal and organisational approaches to conflict resolutions. It shows them how to:

  • Define and understand what conflict is
  • Identify the different types of conflict and what it means for the individual
  • Understand how conflict affects people in an organisation
  • Develop effective strategies to achieve conflict resolution (by understanding emotional and behavioural patterns).

Getting it wrong
Handled poorly, conflict can be expensive to resolve and may seriously affect the workplace environment, incite a culture of mistrust and blame amongst employees and affect productively. It may even result in the loss of valuable employees.

Transforming Conflict Resolution turns this situation around by raising self-awareness, helping individuals to understand why others react the way they do, and apply proven strategies to replace the pain with only gain.