New website for AKD Solutions

We recently revisited our old website and decided it was time for a fresh look that fitted the way AKD Solutions has evolved since starting out in 2008.

Our new website is now up and running and showcases our courses in a series of “Collections” to make it easier for website visitors to discover what we cover, and the way we work with clients.

So you’ll see our main courses under “The Essentials Collection”, our award-winning training tools in “The Interactive Collection”, and the courses we develop for specific client challenges in our “Made to Measure Collection”.

It’s new, it’s exciting and in many ways probably won’t come as a surprise to our clients (who are well used to our original thought process, innovation and creativity).

Lots more content being added over the next few weeks and we would really welcome your feedback, so please take a moment from your day to take a peek and let us know what you think.