Master Class In Complaints Management – Open Class

Central London

Wednesday 14th June at 9 am – Thursday 15th June at 5 pm

The Masterclass in Complaints Management is a transformative programme, exploring how organisations can develop more focused, meaningful and productive experiences for their customers and staff.  The programme provides you with a disruptive space to challenge repetitive behaviour and systems whilst facilitating new thinking, new behaviours and new systems to emerge which will result in better outcomes for all.

Who should attend?

This programme is for those with strategic and/or operational management responsibility for complaints management.

Aims and Objectives

The Masterclass in Complaints Management provides you with a space in which:

  • You can develop a more systemic understanding of how complaints are managed in your organisation
  • You can develop a deeper understanding of the evolution of complaints, the journey from ego (us and them) to eco(we).
  • You will be given tools and strategies for influencing positive changes, cultural and procedural
  • You will experience models for complaints handling that are resolution focused and evidenced based (that can even be adopted within existing frameworks)
  • You will acquire an understanding of how to apply alternative dispute resolution to complaints handling.
  • You will develop ideas and strategies for increased learning from complaints for organisational development
  • You are provided with an opportunity to explore the potential future of complaints handling and how to prepare your organisation

In advance

You will have a one to one interview with AKD so that we can get a sense of how your organisation currently manages complaints and to discuss some of your key aspirations and learning objectives.


The masterclass is an intensive 2-day residential programme.  The programme emphasises learning by doing, with a balance of theory, practice and envisioning.   Therefore participants can expect to experience:

  • Use of self as an instrument. The greatest tool for change is the individual.  This programme helps you to reflect on your personal capacity and impact
  • Collective intelligence – peer coaching and case clinics as an approach, where we tap into the great resources and capability on the course
  • Sensing – learning how to see more opportunities in situations by changing the way you observe situations and events, so you can let go of the old and allow new opportunities to emerge.
  • Prototyping – exploring how to bring about positive change and innovation through the practice of learning by doing.

After the course

Participants will have a 1-hour coaching session with the course facilitator to support the embedding of the learning.


The cost per delegate is £895 + vat.  There is an early bird fee of £775 + vat, which is available until 28th April 2017.  Your fee is inclusive of all facilitation, training material, refreshment and accommodation (for the 14th June).

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Special needs, including dietry requirements we need to be aware of:

Akin Thomas

Akin’s background spans roles in both the public and private sector, where Complaints Management became a specialism (partly through his role as a Complaints Manager for dealing with Adult and Children Social Care). Over the years his role has encompassed complaints handling, customer experience, leadership and management development.

He developed new models for complaints handling and investigation which were “people focused”. These provided a fresh and successful approach to handling highly sensitive and complex customer complaints, as well as more general complaints.

Discover more about Akin.

June Hampton

June Hampton has over 30 years experience in healthcare, as well as working in independent, public and private sector roles. She has vast experience facilitating courses focused on complaints management, customer experience, patient experience, leadership and management development.

June has a strong strategic background in Quality and Clinical Governance and has held lead roles focused on enhancing the patient experience. She is a former Divisional Quality Manager with Nuffield Hospitals where she had responsibility for patient experience, quality improvement and clinical governance in 12 hospitals.

Discover more about June.