Toyota is a global brand and we just happened to meet the Toyota Europe team at a European Complaints Convention in London (in June 2011). AKD Solutions were there to facilitate a workshop looking at Complaints and Social Media.

The Challenge

Toyota Europe wanted to develop a bespoke training solution that addressed the relationship between social media and customer experience.

They approached AKD Solutions after our workshop and asked us to produce one of our Interactive Training Tools, as they could see the scope for using this programme across multiple territories to present a common dilemma and the solutions.

What We Did

Between June and November 2011 we had various discussions with Toyota Europe to develop concepts. In December that year we were invited to Brussels and commissioned to develop a training programme for “Enhancing Customer Experience using Social Media”.

We developed a bespoke Interactive Training Tool called “Kaiwa”. This was important as “Kaiwa” means conversation in Japanese and we needed to incorporate elements of Toyota’s heritage and culture within the programme. This is a core element of the “Enhancing Customer Experience using Social Media” programme.

We have delivered this programme across Europe to delegates from over 30 nations. The programme has supported those nations which had little or no social media presence, as well as providing a stimulating learning event for more matured markets.


Our programme is an integral part of Toyota’s Social Business Model and the feedback is that tangible improvements have been made in a number of the nations.

The success of Kaiwa has meant that we are a regular guest at their annual European conferences, where we deliver customer experience based workshops.

“The Kaiwa (conversation) game was an excellent and refreshing way for our national marketing & sales companies across Europe to experience the wide range of social media available on the internet, and to be challenged and learn the practical impacts of customer handling in a safe social media environment.” 

David Hemming, Customer Relations Manager- Toyota Europe


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