The Challenge 

C&A are the 6th largest clothing retailer in the world and are determined to regain their no 1 position in Europe. They had spent over 5 years developing their new customer value proposition and needed to develop a training programme that would communicate the new customer value proposition to all 35,000 of their staff in 1600 stores in 18 countries across Europe. They wanted to ensure that the message stuck and needed to create something that could be delivered locally by store managers. They came to AKD because of our previous success developing a learning map for their corporate induction called Our History, Our Now, Our Future.

What We did

We worked with a team at C&A that spanned across Europe in developing a training package that was able to engage staff in a dynamic learning experience, whilst ensuring the programme could be easily facilitated by store managers. It was important that the programme provided an initial workshop for staff and then a toolkit that comprised of a range quick, snappy exercises that would help to embed the key learning messages.

In just 5 months we developed a train the trainers programme for store managers and a  training resource kit they could use when delivering which included a folding learning map including icons and cards; a jigsaw puzzle game and learning activities. The resource kit was designed to be portable and easily stored to make it practical for use in delivering in store.

We developed a cascading train the trainer’s model. The first phase of the train the trainers programme was with regional managers who were bilingual. In the second phase, the regional managers facilitated training with the store managers in their native language and then finally the programme was delivered to staff in store by their store managers.

The Outcome

The programme was rolled out across 35,000 staff in 3 months. Our client told us that across the whole of Europe the feedback was been overwhelming positive. Staff have grasped the new customer value proposition and that they have a clearer understanding of the future of C&A and their role within this. We also received personal feedback from a member of the Executive Committee who simply said: “you did a brilliant job”.

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