Made to Measure Courses

AKD’s Made to Measure courses highlight one of our primary USPs: working closely with clients to produce unique courses designed to resolve very specific learning needs.

These retain the AKD mantra of helping people to learn more when they’re having fun, while delivering what you need, using innovative solutions that truly reflect the very best aspects of your organisation.

With Made to Measure we start with a blank canvas and work alongside you to design, develop and produce one-off training solutions that provide a tailor-made fit.

AKD’s Made to Measure courses evolved from working with clients who needed something that little bit different to set them apart from their competitors, and help their people become the “Crème de la crème” within their peer group.

No limits to what you can achieve
We place no limitations on the content and structure of our Made to Measure courses. Solutions can be accredited or non-accredited, classroom-based, a unique Interactive Training Tool or an App; it really is down to determining the best and most appropriate solution for your organisation.
These are the courses that give our Development Team and Facilitators a real “buzz”, coupling their skills with those of your team to create something very special.

Find out more…
…by viewing some example Case Studies via our Navigation Menu, which showcase a few of the Made to Measure solutions we’ve created to date.

We’d love to work with you to create a Made to Measure course that will change the way your organisation develops its very best people, so call us on +44 (0)345 034 1105 to arrange an initial consultation and discover why “people learn more when they’re having fun”.