Induction Training

Induction training forms an important part of bringing new employees on board. It provides organisations with an early and unique opportunity to share their vision, values and history. In fact, induction training is a crucial part of embedding your company culture.

First impressions last, that’s why it’s important that your induction training is engaging, inspiring and motivating for new employees.

That’s were AKD can help, we design and facilitate innovative and tailored induction training built around our game-based approach to learning, we create powerful learning maps (large game boards) to help you onboard new employees. Our learning maps bring an element of fun, engagement and collaboration to the learning experience.

Learning maps provide a unique way for you to share your organisation's strategy, the way you do things and your story so far.

The Benefits

Our induction learning maps are a new edition to our game collection, with more clients coming to us to develop a made to measure learning map for their organisation's induction we saw the opportunity to create a flexible alternative to a completely bespoke solution.

Our induction learning maps give you flexibility without the cost associated with having to start from scratch. With the basic structure of the game already designed, we work with you to add content including questions and scenarios that are unique to your organisation and we updated the board design with your company logo, colours and personality.

Induction learning maps are a great tool for injecting an additional element of fun to your  induction, delivering the following benefits:

  • Sharing the organisation's visions, values and history in a fun and engaging way
  • Helping to embed the organisation's culture
  • Creating a great first impression with new starters by creating an inspiring, engaging and motivating learning experience.

We recommend up to 15 participants in a session, split into teams. Teams travel around the board and progress by responding to questions and scenarios. As they travel around the board the teams can gather a number of points, the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


Our induction learning maps are available in two versions.

Option 1- Square board: take your new starters on a journey  

If you would like an induction learning map to take centre stage in your induction training this is a great option, participants journey around the board in sequence starting with your values and vision, journeying through your story, learning more about what you do and then ending on how you do it. Each side of the board has an accompanying set of cards that include questions, scenarios and activities that are relevant to that area.

Option 2- Curvy board: consolidate all the great things new starters have learnt about your organisation

This option is a great way to consolidate all the great information you have shared with your new starters about your organisation. It covers all the key areas including your vision and values, your story, your culture including what you do and how you do it. As new starters play depending on where they land on the board they will pick up a card which will include a question, scenario or activity based on one of the key areas previously mentioned. 


Once you have chosen your preferred learning map option, one of our experienced associates will work with you to customise your learning map. They will attend a development meeting with you to understand your organisation, its culture, history and aspirations. Using all they have learnt they will develop challenging and engaging content for your induction training.

Our design team will customise your learning map by adding your logo, the title of your induction, updating the colours so they reflect your brand and creating icons that reflect what you do.


Induction learning maps require great facilitation. We offer highly skilled and experienced facilitators who can deliver this for you or you can opt to deliver this in-house.

If you decide to deliver in-house you have the option to attend a Train The Trainer session where the associate who designed the content for the learning map will work with your internal trainers for one day, showing them how to use the tool and giving them the opportunity to practice so that they feel confident when using the learning map to deliver your induction training.

Game based learning utilises the same psychology that allows children to develop valuable life skills through play. Our Learning Maps are disarming and can help new employees engage more quickly because they are unique, novel and intriguing.

• Our learning maps act as a tangible “talking pieces” in the training room sparking conversation, stimulating collaboration and creating an energising learning environment.
• When learning is fun key messages stick, helping new employees to understand your company culture more easily so they can get to grips with their new environment in less time.
• Our learning maps encourage conversation and collaboration helping new employees feel part of the team from the start.

If you would like to book a free demonstration or to discuss developing an induction training learning map for your organisation please call us on +44 (0)345 034 1105 or complete the form below.

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