Do you have the entrepreneur gene?

Do you have the entrepreneur gene?

Recently I facilitated Discover Your Leadership DNA with senior managers at one of the UK’s most prestigious healthcare organisations.  As they were navigating the learning map, one of the teams picked up the question “To be a leader you need to be entrepreneurial. What are some of the characteristics of being entrepreneurial and how do they apply to your role?” For many this was a lightbulb moment. Within minutes, there was a shift from complaining about what resources had not been afforded them to “how do we make something from nothing”.

I think that in many organisations leaders need to find their entrepreneur gene. If you delve into the DNA of every great organisation (large or small), you will discover the entrepreneur gene that envisioned something great; it was the fuel for making something out of nothing, the thing that drove things forward when logic said let it go, and was the spark for creativity and innovation. Why is it that the first thing many larger organisations lose as they grow is the very thing that made them great?

What are some of the characteristics of the entrepreneur gene?

  • It has a relentless passion that is infectious and can cause people to do the most brilliant things that they could never envision
  • It isn’t deterred by limitations
  • It doesn’t focus on what you don’t have, it creates with what you do have
  • It doesn’t wait for permission, it simply does
  • It keeps things simple

Is the entrepreneur gene for every leader? Probably not, but maybe for more leaders than you would think. Consider your organisation, if you are going to continue to be a great organisation or evolve into a great organisation, you need leaders who are brave, willing to navigate unchartered waters and take people with them (willingly) even though the journey will have many bumps and turns. So the question is, can you afford not to have it?
Akin Thomas, CEO of AKD Solutions