Cultivating intrapreneurship

Cultivating intrapreneurship

Entrepreneurs have many valuable qualities that are not only crucial for starting new ventures but also  for sustaining more mature organisations. Intrapreneurs are employees that help to infuse your organisation with an entrepreneurial spirit through their entrepreneurial skills, characteristics and abilities.

Leaders have an important role in creating an environment that identifies and supports intrapreneurs. Allowing the organisation to unlock the key benefits that intrapreneurs bring to the table.

Benefits of Intrapreneurship 

One of the most value characteristics many intrapreneurs possess is being able to see the big picture, propelled by the vision of how to solve a key problem or make something 10x better they are relentless in making things happen. However, they also recognise that to make things happen they need to understand the key details that either spell success or failure. What sets them apart is that they are able to focus on and measure what really matters.

Intrapreneurship helps your organisation to spark new ideas. Giving employees the opportunity, time and resources to develop, pitch and implement new ideas contributes to organisational growth. It also gives employees the chance to develop leadership skills and experience that they may not have the opportunity to develop in their day to day jobs. Google is famous for allowing employees to spend 20% of their time on projects and new innovations that they are passionate about. This has lead to the development of products such as Google news, Gmail and AdSense.

Nurturing an environment where intrapreneurs can thrive 

Developing an environment where Intrapreneurs can thrive helps you to attract and retain the best and brightest people to your organisation. Employees with an entrepreneurial spirit need to be stimulated and given opportunities to create real value and make an impact. When employees with an entrepreneurial spirit are not given challenging, meaningful work and the space to grow they leave to pursue more stimulating careers elsewhere. The end result is that you lose your best people and often it’s your people that give you your competitive edge.

Organisations thrive when people feel a sense of ownership for its success and they feel empowered to positively contribute to its success. Developing a culture where people are empowered, encouraged and rewarded for innovation allows employees to gain this sense of ownership and pride in what they do.

Gain a competitive edge 

Organisations that succeed in the future will be those that nurture, cultivate and harness the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. They will be the organisations that grow, create an impact and move the world forward. That is why it’s important that organisations invest in developing entrepreneurial leaders at every level within their organisation, equipping them with the skills they need to excel.

Leone Martin, Marketing and Innovation specialist.