Complaints: The Chicken Legs of Customer Experience

Have you ever been in the gym and seen guys bench pressing big weights, and punishing their biceps, but have chicken legs? What’s up with that? I looked at a couple of body building forums to get a better understanding of why. One of the most interesting was:

“Doing lower-body work properly is demanding both physically and mentally.  It hurts. It creates a demand on your cardiovascular system, your lower-body muscles burn like an inferno, and it makes you rather be doing some chest or abdominal exercise. In a nutshell, it sucks.

Body Builder - Cropped - AKD 1

AKD – Body Builder – Complaints

 For most organisations, complaints are the chicken legs of customer experience.   They focus on the bits that they enjoy and make them look good, the smile on the phone, going the extra mile, beautiful uniforms.   But when things go wrong, the legs lack the strength and development.      


 Stuart McRobert, strength training writer noted: “The value of an exercise can be determined by its level of discomfort when worked to the limit”  The more difficult the exercise, the greater chance it will offer better benefits. Get the complaints process strong and watch your whole customer experience transform with our Master Class in Complaints Management in Birmingham on the 5th and 6th of March .