Social Media: Engaging With Customers

AKD Solutions provide a range of courses focused on social media.

These range from a ½ day programme to stimulate thinking and guide employees through the first steps of using and reacting to social media, through to an intensive programme for those dealing with social media at a strategic and operational level (who are responsible for day-to-day engagement using these channels).

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Social Media: Engaging With Customers is for delegates who need an increased level of understanding about the role of social media in customer engagement. The course is designed to provide a heightened awareness of social media, combined with practical exercises to build confidence.

Delegates will not necessarily have responsibility for using social media channels on behalf of their employer, but may be interacting with customers who use social media (and who may, therefore, post positive or negative information regarding the organisation).

What The Course Achieves

By the end of the workshop delegates will:

- Be able to define the key benefits / challenges of engaging with customers online;
- Know how to manage personal IDs online;
- Understand the 3 Phases of Customer Engagement;
- Be able to build a digital case for using social media;
- Understand how to build a social business team;
- Appreciate how an engagement map works.

Why This Helps Your Organisation

Social Media has radically changed the rules of engagement with customers, but this can be difficult to comprehend by employees who don’t use or understand social media.

Employees who use social media on a personal basis face an even greater challenge. They may struggle to fully appreciate the difference between social use and use on behalf of their employer (and how personal views expressed on social media can affect their employer’s reputation).

Social Media: Engaging With Customers uses our experience and insight to help those with little or no knowledge of social media, so they have greater understanding and confidence about its use in a professional context.

For employees who are responsible for using social media channels professionally, we also recommend Social Media: Strategic & Operational Use.

Simon de Deney

Simon de Deney

Simon specialises in courses involving communications skills such as persuasive writing, storytelling, social media and brand development.

Simon has a MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and is a professionally trained actor (with a diploma in acting from Webber Douglas Academy). He has a wide range of writing and directing experience in the commercial sector, as well as television, film and radio (including the BBC and Channel 4).

Simon has worked as a trainer for over 12 years, primarily with U.K. and international organisations, developing and delivering courses up to Board and Trustee level. Simon has been integral to some of key projects including our social media project with Toyota Europe.

Discover more about Simon.

Melissa Shervington

Melissa Shervington

Melissa is our specialist facilitator for courses involving equalities, diversity and cross-cultural communication. She has recently added to her Team AKD profile by becoming one of our main facilitators for social media learning experiences.

Melissa is also involved in a number of our Made to Measure projects because of her creativity and eye for detail.

She joined Team AKD in 2009 and is our Sector Lead for Housing. Melissa has an extensive background in social housing.

She has developed a range of skills and courses relating to Community Engagement. This included developing innovative methods to engage with diverse groups of people, which she translated into packaged and tailored learning programmes.

Discover more about Melissa.

“I’d definitely recommend this course to companies that are branching into social media or are already on social media and want some advice and guidance on how to do that safely, manage the risk and get the best out of it for their customers as well as their staff. All together I thought it was really very very good!” Jo, Warwickshire County Council.

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