Risk Management Made Easy

The Benefits

Risk Management Made Easy is a very flexible tool and can be used by all staff at different levels for 2 hours to a whole day. It is particularly beneficial for training and team building, not least because the content is designed specifically for your organisation with your brand colours and values embedded.

What the course achieves.

The questions are designed for participants to reflect on what they currently do, generate ideas for improvements and to obtain the “buy in” from all participants to demonstrate why a risk management framework is so important.

By the end of the course participants will:

- Understand the concepts of risk management
- Understand what a “near miss” incident or “serious” incident is
- Increase knowledge and skills to improve existing practice
- Increase confidence in handling different elements associated with risk
- Be clear on roles and responsibilities for all involved parties
- Develop effective risk management strategies

What this achieves for your organisation

Risk Management Made Easy aims to achieve collective understanding and recognise the importance of “ownership of risk”; factors which are crucial for creating a culture of safety in your organisation. This tool provides an interactive and engaging way to ensure key messages are understood. Moreover, it represents a small investment with the potential to save your organisation from significant costs.

In- house or outsourced training

We have a team of highly experienced Associates with a vast knowledge of delivering courses and programmes across different industries, both in the UK and internationally. You can also purchase Risk Management Made Easy™ on a licence basis. All in-house facilitators must be “authorised users”, which is achieved by successfully completing a “Training the Trainers” programme. We’ll discuss which option is best for your organisation as part of the process.

Geraint Lewis

Geraint Lewis

Geraint Lewis is our specialist facilitator for courses relating to Risk Management, Significant Events Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Investigation Skills, Complaints Management and Health & Safety. He joined Team AKD in 2009.

Geraint has over 25 years of experience in training and development and has designed and delivered training for staff at administrative, middle management, senior management and director level (for corporate and public sector organisations).

Discover more about Geraint.

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