Quest For Sales

The Benefits

Quest For Sales is the latest addition to our Interactive Collection. It is an innovative and stimulating learning experience. The aim is to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour to become brilliant salespeople.


As the name suggests, Quest For Sales uses a medieval theme with characters such as The Knight, The Maiden and The Jester.  The objective is to get to the castle to sell your goods to the King and Queen while accumulating as much treasure throughout the course of the learning. We recommend up to 10 delegates per training session, split into two teams. Each team makes their way to the castle by responding to a range of questions and scenarios. Each team will have to fill their treasure chest by responding to the questions positively but they can lose coins if they land on the wrong square.

The training covers all elements of the sales procedure including preparation, fact finding, presentation, meeting sales targets, closing and objectives.  The tool allows you to look at the whole sales process or to focus on a particular element.  The successful team will be granted access to the Royal Treasure Vault.

What the tool achieves for your organisation

  • Delegates will have an increased understanding and knowledge to handle every facet of the sales process
  • It provides an engaging, interactive and fun approach to learning
  • Your team will develop increased confidence and competence throughout your sales process
  • It will have a big impact on your bottom line

In- house or outsourced training

It’s a flexible tool. This includes us customizing Quest For Sales for your sales process. If you would like to discuss what Quest For Sales can do for you or your organisation.


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