Discover Your Leadership DNA

The Benefits

Discover Your Leadership DNA™ is the result of years of work in the fields of leadership and management. It is highly flexible and can be used as a separate tool or as part of a longer development programme. It’s particularly beneficial for new and aspiring leaders while also helping established leaders to “check in” and see if their skills remain sharp, or if they could benefit from refreshing their knowledge.

Discover Your Leadership DNA™ has been described as “forensic” and “diagnostic” by leaders who have used it. It provides the space for leaders to have an honest critique, reflect on the effectiveness of their leadership and plan for becoming a great leader.

What It Achieves For Your Organisation

No organisation will ever achieve its full potential without attracting and developing great leaders. All too often leaders are left to lead by default which can cause an organisation to drift off course – investment in leadership is, therefore, vital to keep on track and plan for the future.

What we offer is a great learning and development tool that provides a flexible, diagnostic, fun and engaging way to develop your people…and a tremendous return on investment for your organisation.

In-House Or Outsourced Training

We have a team of highly experienced Associates with a vast knowledge of delivering leadership development in the UK and internationally who can come into your organisation to facilitate this course. However, you can also purchase Discover Your Leadership DNA™ on a licence basis.

Our tool is different from other leadership courses. We created Discover Your Leadership DNA™ because we recognised the importance of understanding the values, behaviours, people and events that have shaped an individual’s leadership and leadership style. Most people have never really thought about “why they lead like they lead”. This programme provides that opportunity. More importantly, it offers leaders insight and strategies for improvement to develop great leadership skills.

Leaders work in teams to progress around a board. They face questions addressing issues such as integrity, fear, vision, conflict and success. It’s a rollercoaster but everyone gets home safely!

Mel Palmer

Mel Palmer

Mel Palmer is our specialist facilitator for designing and delivering courses relating to Safeguarding Adults at Risk, Complaints, and Leadership and Management. She has been part of Team AKD since 2012. Mel has over 30 years experience in social care and health as a provider, Commissioner and Regulator.

She was the Quality Manager for the Care Quality Commission (2008-2011) where Safeguarding Adults was core to the work she undertook. A key element of her work with the CQC was heading up a number of projects, both internally and for providers, to improve the quality of the inspectorate process. Mel subsequently developed “Guidance about Compliance, Essential Standards of Quality and Safety” for social care and health

Discover more about Mel.

June Hampton

June Hampton

June Hampton has over 30 years experience in healthcare, as well as working in independent, public and private sector roles. She has vast experience facilitating courses focused on complaints management, customer experience, patient experience, leadership and management development.

June has a strong strategic background in Quality and Clinical Governance and has held lead roles focused on enhancing the patient experience. She is a former Divisional Quality Manager with Nuffield Hospitals where she had responsibility for patient experience, quality improvement and clinical governance in 12 hospitals.

Discover more about June.

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