Complaints Made Easy

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Complaints Made Easy™ is designed to create a stimulating learning experience that supports improved practice and behavioural change. The flexibility of this tool allows it to be used by staff at different levels, from 2 hours to a whole day.

Questions are designed for participants to reflect on what they currently do, generate ideas for improvements and obtain the “buy in” of participants to demonstrate why handling complaints well is vital.

This course encourages behavioural change, stretching participants to generate fresh thinking and ideas for resolving customer complaints.

What The Course Achieves

By the end of this workshop participants will have:

- Increased understanding and the confidence to handle complaints competently;
- A more resolution focused approach to provide better outcomes for all involved;
- A greater appreciation of what different stakeholders want from the process;
- A better appreciation of how the learning from complaints can provide have a positive impact on the organisation.

Why This Helps Your Organisation

Customer Experience is often defined when things go wrong and how you respond. Complaints handling can enhance or damage your brand, so if your organisation is passionate about creating the most positive customer experience, it must be passionate about developing great complaints handling skills.

Complaints training is sometimes perceived as boring and dry, but our interactive training tool breaks this mindset by creating a stimulating learning experience that allows participants to engage with the subject, developing greater confidence and clear ways of positively handling complaints.

Complaints Made Easy™is an innovative training solution for organisations that want to deliver unparalleled complaint handling. It provides an insightful way to learn so participants gain a greater appreciation of their role and take ownership for creating a positive outcome.

Our clients have seen significant improvements in their staffs’ knowledge and confidence, leading to improved complaints handling and much higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Delegates work in teams, navigating a customer around the board. The objective is to resolve your customer’s complaint, locally and swiftly. Teams achieve this by debating and responding to exercises, questions and case studies; all designed to get participants resolution focused and evidenced based.

June Hampton

June Hampton

June Hampton has over 30 years experience in healthcare, as well as working in independent, public and private sector roles. She has vast experience facilitating courses focused on complaints management, customer experience, patient experience, leadership and management development.

June has a strong strategic background in Quality and Clinical Governance and has held lead roles focused on enhancing the patient experience. She is a former Divisional Quality Manager with Nuffield Hospitals where she had responsibility for patient experience, quality improvement and clinical governance in 12 hospitals.

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Mel Palmer

Mel Palmer

Mel Palmer is our specialist facilitator for designing and delivering courses relating to Safeguarding Adults at Risk, Complaints, and Leadership and Management. She has been part of Team AKD since 2012. Mel has over 30 years experience in social care and health as a provider, Commissioner and Regulator.

She was the Quality Manager for the Care Quality Commission (2008-2011) where Safeguarding Adults was core to the work she undertook. A key element of her work with the CQC was heading up a number of projects, both internally and for providers, to improve the quality of the inspectorate process. Mel subsequently developed “Guidance about Compliance, Essential Standards of Quality and Safety” for social care and health

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Helping the BBC make the switch

The Challenge

The BBC was embarking on The Digital Switchover Help Scheme to provide support for elderly and disabled people, for switching over from analogue to digital.

As the scheme was governed by the BBC on behalf of the Government it had a significant public profile and the BBC Complaints Manager was concerned about the quality of responses to complaints which sometimes lacked evidence and resolution focus.

The BBC asked AKD Solutions to devise a programme that would ensure complaints were handled in an improved fashion with evidence collated properly and a more professional approach taken in order to achieve a higher rate of positive resolutions.

What We Did

It was important the course was challenging, informative and fun. We used a range of learning techniques, including developing a war story from one of their most high profile cases, so everyone could apply critical thinking to what happened and why.

A vital element was ensuring that joint working was conducted between representatives of the different organisations, to model what was needed day to day. For this, we used actors during a case study, to give participants the opportunity to practice interviewing and how to apply feedback strategies.

The Outcome

The Complaints Manager noted much better resolution at the early stages and far fewer complaints escalating into more serious complaints.

Overall, the Complaints Manager felt the lessons from the course had been taken on board and were very much evidenced by customer feedback.

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