Royal College of Nursing


AKD Solutions first encountered the Royal College of Nursing at the Institute Of Customer Services Exhibition and Awards.

The Challenge

This was in 2012 when the RCN were introducing new customer service standards.

This was a priority for them and they chose 3 training providers to work with them to develop and deliver a comprehensive training programme for the whole organisation. AKD Solutions was one of them.

What We Did

The Royal College of Nursing team were really enthusiastic about our Interactive Training Tool: Enhancing Customer Experience. But they needed unique content for it to help them achieve the new customer service standards they were striving for.

One of AKD’s consultants spent two weeks interviewing managers and staff to get a real understanding and sense of how the organisation worked, what customer experience was defined as when it went well, and what was required to raise the experience level to a higher standard.

RCN identified a number of champions from across the UK to undertake the programme. This group underwent an intensive 2 Day “training the trainers” course.

We also conducted a separate session for the Senior Management Team, where five of our team used a number of interactive training tool boards in a casino style workshop for almost 40 managers.

We were duly asked to deliver an introductory session to the Executive Team, which proved to be so successful that it overran the time allocation because the group leaders were engrossed in the training.


The programme has been rolled out across the country and has helped to consolidate a more customer focused approach. The training sparked greater engagement and RCN has seen staff having more personal ownership of the customer experience.

A number of customer focused initiatives have been introduced as a result of staff making suggestions during the training sessions. These have included new processes for retention and an improved complaints process.


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