If there has been a highlight piece of work in recent months, then it has to be the work with C&A.  C&A are one of the largest global fashion retailers and are currently undergoing an amazing transformation. The company has an immensely rich history and culture but Diane Ramirez, Head of Human Resources Buying, acknowledged that staff don’t really understand or appreciate C&A’s legacy.  The challenge we were posed with was to create a creative induction process that ensured that staff understood and appreciated the legacy and got immediate buy-in to new staff being part of drafting the future chapters of the company.

What We did

We developed a cultural orientation, creating a bespoke interactive tool. The tool took delegates back to the 1840s and traveled through the rich history of the company.   It also engaged staff in reflective discussion on different aspects of the company, encouraging a collaborative approach across the division and rewarded innovation.   Most importantly, it gets staff to think about what they bring to C&A and how they will contribute to its future.  We were given permission to be ultra creative. The interactive tool is one of the coolest designs we’ve created and it includes hand crafted characters for the board.  One of the best touches was replacing training manuals with scrapbooks.   The scrapbooks were not just for the cultural orientation, but delegates can use them for the whole of their careers at C&A.

The Outcome

The pilot was a huge success.  We conducted pilots with new and existing staff and were amazed at how much staff (some having worked for the company for over 20 years) gained from the experience. Melissa Shervington has been the curator of this program and has totally immersed herself in C&A for the last 6 months.  We love how Diane Ramirez described the program: “Melissa hit the ball out of the park!” The piloting was so successful that the programme, which was intended for all new staff, will be rolled out to all staff in the HQs in Brussels and Dusseldorf over the course of 2015.


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