Chapter 5: I nominate thee….

Following on from our #namethegame competition, AKD invites you on another exciting medieval adventure to nominate your best salesperson.  Below are the characters from our newly named tool, The Sales Crusade. We invite you to choose your best salesperson that match one of  the characters below and explain to us why.  Your Archer might be the person who always hits target. Your Jester may be your funniest salesperson. We’ve given you Wizard’s description as a guideline.

The winner of this competition will be transformed into one of the characters in our tool and will also be invited to our launch early next year.

Please submit your entries by 5:00 pm on Thursday 18th December 2014, via Twitter, Facebook or email to, quoting #thechosenone.

The winner will be announced on Friday 19th December.


Wizard-and-Merchant-500 AKD SOLUTIONS