Creative Learning and Development Solutions

AKD Solutions is an international learning and development consultancy that designs and delivers creative learning experiences. We believe there is brilliance in every person and organisation. Our mission is to stimulate brilliance in your people and your organisation, through transformational learning.

Our Difference

Our approach is based on our ethos that ‘people learn more when they are having fun’. We have built our reputation as a training provider on developing creative training programmes and courses that push the boundaries, cultivate collaboration and nurture personal and professional growth.

We specialise in delivering game based learning using our innovative Learning Maps (Large board games) that have proven effective for tackling difficult subject areas, transforming company induction programmes and equipping people with the knowledge they need to maximise new products and customer value propositions.

Our Story

AKD Solutions was founded in 2008 by Akin Thomas. Akin first discovered the power of fun in transforming the learning experience when he was faced with the challenge of getting people to attend the complaints training he delivered when he worked in the public sector as a complaints manager.

Typically complaints training was seen as boring, he noticed class attendance was poor and engagement was low so he decided to create a large board game that injected an element of fun and competition.

This completely transformed the learning experience, participants were engaged, able to deal with difficult issues, but with greater awareness and confidence. Most importantly there was a tangible shift in performance. Participants became the ambassadors for the training, which went from being half full to oversubscribed.

Once Akin discovered he was on to something AKD Solutions was born and the portfolio of courses offered grew from complaints into other areas such as customer experience, diversity and inclusion and leadership training. We now have 8 courses based on our Learning Maps, with our Made to Measure bespoke Learning Maps growing in popularity along with a wide portfolio of other creative learning and development solutions.

Our Experience

Since being established over 50,000 delegates in 25 countries worldwide including the UK, USA, Germany, Nigeria and Sweden have benefited from AKD’s creative learning and development solutions. We have had the privilege of working with a range of both public and private sector clients including Rio Tinto, Toyota Europe, C&A, Mears and 91 of the UK’s NHS Trusts. Our approach has proved effective in a variety of sectors including retail, professional services, construction, healthcare and central and local government.

Our People

We have a team of world-class training facilitators and developers, who have the relevant experience and expertise to deliver transformational learning experiences.

Our international growth continues to be fuelled by our strategic partnerships with local training providers who share our vision, values and passion for delivering unrivalled learning experiences, we currently work with two training providers in non-English speaking territories in Europe, Wayout Consulting in Italy and Sinerji in Turkey.

Whilst we have come a long way from our humble beginnings we continue to push the boundaries, relentlessly pursuing innovative ways of meeting and exceeding our client’s staff development needs so we can continue to deliver learning experiences that truly stimulate brilliance in people.