Simon de Deney

Specialist Sectors

Simon specialises in courses involving communications skills such as persuasive writing, storytelling, social media and brand development. He joined Team AKD in 2009.


Simon has a MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and is a professionally trained actor (with a diploma in acting from Webber Douglas Academy). He has a wide range of writing and directing experience in the commercial sector, as well as television, film and radio (including the BBC and Channel 4).

Simon has worked as a trainer for over 12 years, primarily with U.K. and international organisations, developing and delivering courses up to Board and Trustee level. Simon has been integral to some of key projects including our social media project with Toyota Europe.

What Simon Adds To Team AKD

Simon’s large corporate and international experience lends itself to developing courses that help communication in challenging workplace environments, where messages can be lost if communication skills and tools are poor.

His acting background brings a different dimension to Team AKD too, helping people to overcome shyness and find new found confidence in their own abilities. Many of our confidence building programmes owe much to Simon’s input and ideas.