Our Partners

We have a global vision and want to ensure clients around the world can benefit from our innovative approach to learning. To achieve this we are developing a network of international partners. We have partners in Europe who have an international licence which authorises them to use our products in defined territories. Closer to home our partners provide us with strategic sector expertise and connections.

Take a look below to learn more about our partners. If you are interested in exploring a partner opportunity get in touch.


Aspiring Solicitors is a leading diversity platform for aspiring lawyers in the UK. Chris White (the founder of Aspiring Solicitors) and Akin (AKD CEO) actually met on a train and when they got talking realised the synergy between their two organisations. Aspiring Solicitors were doing some amazing work to address under-representation of “underprivileged groups” within the legal profession and AKD had developed an innovative training tool the Equally Yours™ learning map focused on diversity and inclusion. So they decided to team up and the results have been brilliant.

Paving the way for the next generation of the legal profession

Chris experienced discrimination first- hand, he was told he didn’t graduate from the “right” university and that because of his accent, he would need elocution lessons. He was determined to help others who were underrepresented and disadvantaged so he left a successful career in Law and set up Aspiring Solicitors.

Aspiring Solicitors are literally changing the lives of hundreds of graduates but are also getting law firms to rethink the way they recruit. Aspiring Solicitors core aim is educating and informing the next generation about the importance of diversity, and enhancing and promoting diversity from within the legal profession.

Collaboration with AKD Solutions
Through our partnership with Aspiring Solicitors, we have been able to tailor our services to meet the needs of prominent organisations within the UK legal profession. Our collective expertise has been crucial to the work we have undertaken with clients such as Simmons and Simmons, Bristows and Olswang. We look forward to continuing to work as partners to strength our specialism within this sector.


Wayout Consulting are a Human Resources company based in Florence Italy, they offer a range of services including training, advice, executive coaching, and recruitment. The Wayout consulting approach is to focus on the strengths of individuals, developing people to become their best so they can maximise the contribution that they make to their employers. At Wayout they are passionate about helping client companies to create, communicate and deliver value, with speed and excellence.

Akin met Giorgio and Michaela at the World of Learning in 2013 and the decision to become partners was instant. WayOut have been pivotal in the evolution of the learning maps as they added an extra dimension of creativity in helping to redesign some of our learning maps.

Collaboration with AKD Solutions
In 2014 Wayout Consulting and AKD teamed up to create an Italian version of the learning maps, Discover your Leadership DNA and Enhancing Customer Experience. Wayout Consulting are now the authorised trainers for these learning maps in Italy.


Sinerji is a Training and Development company based in Turkey, they offer a range of L&D services including training, coaching, events and outdoor team building. Their training solutions span a range of topics including communication, conflict resolution, and leadership.

Collaboration with AKD Solutions
In 2015 Akin met Omer and Merih (the owners of Sinerji) at the World of Learning, as soon as they saw the learnings maps they were extremely passionate about them and excited about the opportunity to bring this approach to Turkey. So Sinerji and AKD teamed up to create a Turkish version of the learning maps, Discover your Leadership DNA and Enhancing Customer Experience. Sinerji are now the authorised trainers for the Discover your Leadership DNA in Turkey.