Geraint Lewis

Specialist Sectors

Geraint Lewis is our specialist facilitator for courses relating to Risk Management, Significant Events Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Investigation Skills, Complaints Management and Health & Safety. He joined Team AKD in 2009.


Geraint has over 25 years of experience in training and development and has designed and delivered training for staff at administrative, middle management, senior management and director level (for corporate and public sector organisations).

Prior to specialising in training Geraint was Head of Sales & Marketing for a large “students from overseas” based business and managed 50 staff. His role involved travelling around the world and engaging with a vast range of people, marketing and selling products.

Geraint then moved into a new role with the NHS working for Public Health. Here, his BA Hons in Sociology and Psychology and Masters in Clinical Risk Management combined with his experience to great effect. His work included supporting organisations to develop policies and strategies to integrate clinical risk management into the core functions of their business and identify best practice for risk management.

What Geraint Adds To Team AKD

Geraint brings a high level of expertise in risk management that has added a new dimension to our portfolio. His international experience is also invaluable as the company expands. He has a great persona and brings tremendous energy to the learning experience.

His whole approach embraces AKD’s ethos of stimulating brilliance in the people we work with. This was reflected in his work on our Interactive Training Tool “Risk Management Made Easy”, where Geraint was the lead consultant.