Akin Thomas

Specialist Sectors

Akin’s role has evolved into the strategic development of AKD as the company has continued to grow and expand.

Much of his time is spent talking with clients to discuss innovation and trends to ensure AKD’s courses not only meet their current requirements, but are positioned to future-proof their learning and development needs, whether they are in the UK, Europe or North America.


Akin’s background spans roles in both the public and private sector, where Complaints Management became a specialism (partly through his role as a Complaints Manager for dealing with Adult and Children Social Care). Over the years his role has encompassed complaints handling, customer experience, leadership and management development.

He developed new models for complaints handling and investigation which were “people focused”. These provided a fresh and successful approach to handling highly sensitive and complex customer complaints, as well as more general complaints.

Akin is hugely enthusiastic about empowering staff to deliver a better experience and become the very best they can be – the reason why he often talks about stimulating brilliance.

Coupled with his belief that “People Learn More When They’re Having Fun”, Akin developed a new concept to make learning fun, interactive and more engaging. “Complaints Made Easy” subsequently became AKD’s first Interactive Training Tool and it remains one of the most popular learning tools used in social care and healthcare.

He became the founder and CEO of AKD Solutions in 2008, with the aspiration to create a learning and development organisation that would leave a real imprint on learners; encouraging and compelling them to go back to their workplace to “become and do better”.

What Akin Adds To Team AKD

Akin’s experience and innovative approach to learning and development drives the way AKD Solutions deal with every project. His energy, creativity and vision are responsible for the success of the business and the growth of the team of Associates who form TEAM AKD.

It has also brought its own rewards…as AKD has grown into an international learning and development provider with clients in 15 countries.

Meet Akin In Person

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