And here’s why we’re number one in complaints training…

“Starting a four day week with a pile of work that needs sorting by Thursday, I was not best motivated to attend a lunch time session on complaints. Having been involved in complaints for many years I didn’t think it was high priority for me but it was made clear that it was mandatory so off I went. How wrong could I have been…excellent facilitator who knew his stuff and had a slick interactive style with his audience. Really made me think about complaints and my role in them, and I sat and put together my own session for my team for the next team meeting on the back of my thinking after yesterdays session.

I don’t expect the session was cheap, but I for one have gone away with new thinking on how I will approach things and also ensure my team begin to do the same( if half the people in the room do the same, probably good value for money).

I really like the way a short session impacted and wanted to say well done to whoever had found this Company. I would definitely attend anything else they were putting on. Hope this gets fed back to Facilitator.”

– Manchester City Council